Find out what your social score is, how you can increase it, and how this can improve your everyday life.

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Every time you use social media, you leave behind a trail of activity – your social footprint. This may range from the people you interact with, the content you post, the time you post it, and much more. All these activities can be traced back to you and used to determine who you appear to be, as an individual, an employee and a borrower.

Social Help can help by guiding you through the different elements that make up your social footprint, helping you to understand your social score and providing the tools to let you improve it.


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Your footprint overview

Get a full report on your overall social score here, including how it breaks down into positive and negative factors. Understand how your score is calculated, how it affects your life, and what you can do to improve it.

Your social media personality

See yourself through the eyes of those who interact with you on social media. Social Help looks at the big five personality traits, what you say online, and who you interact with, to build a picture of how you appear to others online and how this affects your social score.

Improve your footprint

Get a higher social score with the help of Social Help. Complete the listed tasks on your social media profiles, mark them off as you go along, and see your social footprint improve with every action.

Social guides

Learn to manage your social footprint sensibly, and start improving your social score at once. Our expert guidance will teach you to make the most of social media – no longer will ‘funny’ profile pictures or silly posts get in the way of your life goals.

How can you make the most of Social Help?

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